I swear 

What is the use of being so kind

When everyone just takes it for granted 

What’s the point of being so polite 

When all you get is a stab in the face 

People don’t know me 

Whatever I do

I put my best into all of it 


They don’t see the good in me 

Who are they even? 

Do they know me? 

No they don’t 

Do they see the effort I put in everything? 

No I don’t 


Because I don’t like putting it for show?

I really don’t bother fighting back 


I don’t like to trigger anyone 

And get into trouble

It’s not even my fault in the first place 

So what if I stay quiet 

What gives you the right to bully me 

Yes I am inexperienced 

But you can do something about it right 

Why not 

Teach me 

Encourage me to get better 

And not criticise the shit outta me 

Or complain? 

Like hello?

Why are you even someone in the first place? 

What are you for? 

Why do you even exist on earth? 

With a person like you

How are you even a good person?

How do you teach your kids? 

I wonder…


Right now 


At this very moment 

Ever since you put those words in my mouth

All I can feel is sadness

All I wanna do is cry 

Tell me

Why are people so bipolar?

One moment they are nice

The next? 

They are putting words into your mouth

As if you’re the one at fault 

It wasn’t even my fault 

But the way they put it

It’s always mine

I feel like 

I can’t breathe 

I’m drowning again 

I thought I was revived 

I thought I was saved from the ocean 

But there came another tsunami 

Drowning me 

And taking me away from the shore