I’m sorry I love you 

Deep down in my heart 

I still love you 

But I can’t show 

You are no longer mine 

I’m really going crazy

I was yours 

You were mine 

You had me in your heart …

What about now

I miss you so much 

You don’t even know

How I wish I could look for you

And hug you from the back 

And tell you how much I love you

But the you now

Isn’t the old you

You have changed 

I really can’t let you ruin your future 

What I’m doing 

Will bring you back

I hope you will wake up again 

I’m willing to do everything for you

To bring you back 

The one I used to know

I’m sorry…

Even if it means not getting back together with you 

I have to do this 

I love you my baby.

I miss you

I thought I have really forgotten about you

I haven’t thought of you for a month

But suddenly 

These feelings came back 

I thought they faded

I thought I loved someone else 

But I have mistaken him for you

He likes salmon like you

He likes fish and chips

He doesn’t eat spicy food

He does the same work as you

He has a younger sister

I’m confused 

I met him

I don’t feel the same way anymore

He does not make me feel the same way as you do

I don’t think anyone can make me feel the same

I don’t know why 

These feelings won’t fade

I once thought I moved on

I thought I could move on quickly 

I thought I never loved you before because of that 

But I realised it’s not easy 

It’s going to be more difficult than the past 

We spent one year plus together 

How could your feelings fade so easily?

Every now and then I still think of you

To the point that

I feel like crying

Everytime I think of you

I will tear up

I really don’t want to think of you

But I just can’t 

When you blocked me everywhere 

I’m just very hurt and broken

Can’t you leave just a single trace of you?

I want to know how you are doing

I care for you

Because I still love you…

I miss you

I really do

So much to the point

It hurts so badly

I want to run to you

And hug you tight 

Sleep next to you again 

So you will never let me go…

I don’t care what mistakes you made

I have forgotten about them

If I could

If you want 

Maybe we could start over all again?


Can’t accept the fact that

You left me again

Broke my heart into million of pieces again 

When you mend it

Just few weeks back

The 3rd time feels

Worse than the 1st and 2nd 


My heart suddenly hurt

When the 1st 2 times

It was just numb

I really don’t know why

Did I get too comfortable to you?

Too used to you?

But you have changed

You are no longer the guy I love

I need to face it

You were more mature before 

Kinder before

That’s why I fell in love with you

But if I were to know you again

I wouldn’t even have noticed you

Cuz you are just a coward

Who’s running away from your feelings

Maybe we are just not meant to be 

It was me all along 

Who thought that way


You have never loved me

Every word that came out of your mouth

Are just plain lies 

All your promises

You broke them

I tried to be patient with you

But you’re just 



I swear 

What is the use of being so kind

When everyone just takes it for granted 

What’s the point of being so polite 

When all you get is a stab in the face 

People don’t know me 

Whatever I do

I put my best into all of it 


They don’t see the good in me 

Who are they even? 

Do they know me? 

No they don’t 

Do they see the effort I put in everything? 

No I don’t 


Because I don’t like putting it for show?

I really don’t bother fighting back 


I don’t like to trigger anyone 

And get into trouble

It’s not even my fault in the first place 

So what if I stay quiet 

What gives you the right to bully me 

Yes I am inexperienced 

But you can do something about it right 

Why not 

Teach me 

Encourage me to get better 

And not criticise the shit outta me 

Or complain? 

Like hello?

Why are you even someone in the first place? 

What are you for? 

Why do you even exist on earth? 

With a person like you

How are you even a good person?

How do you teach your kids? 

I wonder…


Right now 


At this very moment 

Ever since you put those words in my mouth

All I can feel is sadness

All I wanna do is cry 

Tell me

Why are people so bipolar?

One moment they are nice

The next? 

They are putting words into your mouth

As if you’re the one at fault 

It wasn’t even my fault 

But the way they put it

It’s always mine

I feel like 

I can’t breathe 

I’m drowning again 

I thought I was revived 

I thought I was saved from the ocean 

But there came another tsunami 

Drowning me 

And taking me away from the shore